Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sewing Chores - Pattern Cutting

The darling Hubs ventured into JoAnn's for me and successfully picked up four Vogue patterns for me.  I say Darling because JoAnn's is pretty far outside his comfort zone and he did it off the cuff on a text from me.  I'd say that rates at least Darling status.  In all honesty, it was four patterns, they were on sale and he was in the neighborhood.  From his perspective, I owe him big four times over.  From mine, well, he has a meeting near the store in a couple of weeks and there are 8 Simplicity patterns slated to be discontinued that I just know I need.  If he had any idea, he probably would put more effort into getting it wrong.

Why yes, those are a pair of Creative Memories scissors.
Awesome things for tackling tissue paper.

Four new patterns in the house means time to do my most dreaded of sewing chores.  Of all the various chores involved in getting from fabric to finished project, I have to say that I despise the time and effort required to free a pattern from its tissue paper prison. Because I dislike it so very much, I try to go through as many patterns as possible at one time and get it out of the way.  This means some up front decisions, starting with what patterns I expect to make next.  Of the four new patterns, I'm targeting 2 for immediate use, Vogue 8833 and Vogue 8747.  While I'm at it, I'm also going to work my way through a recent out of print acquisition, McCall's 5661.

Now I need to think about fabrics to match up with these.

The Stashbusting challenge for February is sewing for someone you love, which in this house means Thing 1 is getting some new dresses for her wardrobe.  I have a few staples that I can pull from patterns already cut out, but I figure I might as well cut a couple of new things for her while I'm stringing tissue paper around the house.  I pulled Simplicity 5234 and McCall's 6429 from my pattern stash, which should give me a couple of early Spring dresses for her to wear to school.

I managed to hustle the monsters outside but
couldn't avoid the assistance of my agoraphobic dog.
She looks as thrilled with the cutting as I felt.

Five patterns, plus one already cut out of fabric and another with fabric pulled puts me over half way towards my Stashbusting goal of 12 projects before new fabric.  I have no idea how I'm going to manage to hold off buying fabric until I meet my goal.  Fabric bought by others, say the hubs, and then gifted to me doesn't count, does it?


  1. My goodness you ae seriously productive! I am very much a newb so one pattern at a time is an achievement! Do you cut in to your patterns or do you trace them to do different sizes at a later date?

    1. I only sound productive! Cutting patterns comes first, then a week or so later I'll bulk cut those in fabric, then things slow down and eventually I get through all of the stuff I've cut. I've just now managed to sew up 2 of the 3 blouses I cut out in November.

      I cut my patterns. Slice right into that paper and go on. Completely Ruthless! :) Okay, I slice them out at the largest size, but still.