Friday, March 13, 2015

Sew Selfish of Me

Although I've read about them over and over on various other blogs, I admit, I've never made secret pajamas.  Until this week.  After my first run through with the Bellevue from Straight Stitch Designs, I wanted to give one of the other options available with the pattern a try.  Kimberly thoughtfully suggests you can combine the accent pattern piece with the front/back pattern piece for a long tailed T-shirt.  Pair that with some lovely bright pink cotton/Lycra jersey from FabricMart I picked up as part of my Christmas stash build from the hubs and voila.  Secret Pajamas.  This shirt is so incredibly soft and cozy and I can wear it with jeans or, even better, with lounge pants, curled up in my cozy chair on a rainy day. I want to sleep in this shirt and possibly make cozy, comfy sleepy time shorts to go with it.  

Beyond cutting the front and back panels each as a single piece, I went with short sleeves.  Spring is supposed to arrive next week, no matter what my internal thermometer claims.  Thankfully, Kimberly has done it again with an awesome cardigan I'll be blogging about shortly.  I've been curled up in it and Miss Bellevue all day, watching it rain.  Go me!

Not a bad tush shot.

Is the timer working? I don't think it's flashing.
Wait, did I turn on the flash? What the...oh, there it goes.
Have you ever unknowingly sewn secret pajamas?  Did you ever actually sleep in them?  These are the taxing questions of the universe that are bound to keep me up until at least five minutes after 10. 

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  1. Hi V! My kind of jammies in my kind of colour! Love the pink! And I really am more of a t-shirt than button-up pyjama girl. And..shame on me...I've never made pyjamas, secret or otherwise, that I can remember. So, try not to stay up too late, ;)