Saturday, August 31, 2013

Second Verse, Same as the First

Does anyone else go to "I'm Henery the Eight, I am" when they hear that, or is it just me?  It was the first thing that popped into my head when I laid out the pattern Simplicity 2655 for the second time. I am so in love with this pattern.  I will confess that there was a skirt in between the first and second versions of this.  I struggled a bit with it so I felt justified in trying to replicate the success I had the first time around.

I can easily say this skirt was a smash hit for me.  Just the right length and I have several blouses that go so well with the fabric.  The best part was using a fabric that's been lounging in my stash for somewhere around 10 years!  The fabric looks like an embroidered denim, but the colorful swirls are woven into the fabric.  At 60" wide, I started with over 4 yards of fabric.  A marathon ironing session with my favorite Faultless Premium Starch. Yes, I do launder, iron AND starch my fabric before I cut into it.  I love the smell of hot starched fabric.  It makes me antsy with anticipation.  I think that might make me a sewing geek.

A second round with the pattern confirmed that it's a breeze and a total hit with me.  I cut a straight 14 and the fit is perfect on my hips.  My only other alteration was chopping 3" off the length of the skirt.  I stand 5' 4" and the shorter length leaves the skirt falling perfect mid-calf on me.

For those of you wondering, no I didn't wear it with the ankle socks! That was just for the photo shoot, courtesy of the rockin' hubs.  He thoughtfully humors me and chops off my head for photos so I don't have to worry about how my hair looks after a marathon sewing session (it was horrible!).  A pair of sleek black heels finished off the outfit for work.

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